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Nicaragua Organic Jinotega Fina La Isabelia 

Our Organic Nicaragua Finca La Isabelia is produced by a family of multi-generation farmers located in the heart of the Jinotega Department, approximately 9 miles northeast of the department’s capital in the picturesque Cordillera Isabella mountains. The Cordillera range cuts through the center of Jinotega, claiming several peaks, a majority of the country’s hiking trails and a large number of small coffee plantations. The farm takes immense pride in each phase of their production, taking their variety of caturra trees from cherry to final export. Their soil consists of clay and volcanic ash, and at an elevation of 4,200 ft a natural shade canopy provides cover from excessive sun.

Cupping Notes: Creamy body, notes of chocolate and citrus. Bright acidity. Roasted medium.

Nicaragua Organic Jinotega Fina La Isabelia - Whole Bean

Excluding Sales Tax
Roast: Medium
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