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Two Sisters Coffee Company

It's Always Coffee Time

We specialize in Single-Origin, Organic, Fair Trade Organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees

Juanita Beach Farmer's Market Two Sisters coffee each Friday in June 3-7pm

About Two Sisters

Two Sisters Coffee Company is a Mom & Mom artisan coffee roasting company located in the Pacific Northwest in Kirkland, WA. We roast in small batches to ensure that each batch is roasted to the perfect temperature to bring out the best tasting notes. No burnt coffee here!

We specialize in Single-Origin, Organic, Fair Traded Organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees from around the world. Our is coffee ethically sourced so that is traceable to the source, paying careful attention to ensure that if it is a cooperative, that the money earned goes back to the local community to support coffee farms, healthcare, and improved technology.  We look for cooperatives which also support women coffee growers.  In other words, each coffee has a unique story to tell from the farm to your cup! 

Fresh roasted coffee beans

The finest fresh roasted coffee around. Organic. Ethically sourced, women owned.

Why Ethical Coffee Matters 

Fair Trade Organic

Coffee labeled fair trade means its farmers were paid a living wage and no child or unfair labor practices were employed and sustainable farming methods are used. Organic means that pesticides and chemicals are not used at all.

Two Sisters Coffee Company buys Organic coffees as often as possible.

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