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The Full Story

Truly Great Coffee

Two Sisters Coffee Company was started in Kirkland, Washington, just a few miles from the epicenter of the coffee world in Seattle, Wa. We started as a couple of gals who love coffee, then decided that we could roast coffee at home, just for fun. So, we bought one small roaster, then a second one.

Through studying, trial and error, we learned how to bring out the unique flavors of the coffee beans for the best cup of coffee.

We traveled and met farmers, toured their farms and learned about the growers side of the business. Trust us, it is not an easy lifestyle!

We expanded our operations and added a commercial roaster, as our small roasters could not keep up with the demand of sales to friends and friends of friends. That's how or business grew to where we are today with our online store.

Introducing Small Batch Roasted Coffee 

Two Sisters Coffee Company is a Mom & Mom shop small-batch artisan coffee roasting company.

It all started a few years ago when a doctor told me that I needed to stop drinking coffee, due to the multiple  stress ulcers I had. I looked at the doctor and said "But Doctor, you don't understand. I love coffee and have every coffee maker known to man in my kitchen". I have everything from a Keurig, pour over filters and cones, an Aeropress, a Moka pot, a pot for the BBQ for when the power goes out, antique African and Arabian coffee makers, even a Mr. Coffee. Yes, we love coffee! As a solution, my doctor suggested that I buy green coffee beans and roast my own coffee at home. I let the idea percolate (pun intended) for a couple of years. Then came the first Behmore, then a second one. Then we jumped in big time and Two Sisters Coffee was born. 

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From Green to Glorious

We roast in small batches to ensure each batch is roasted to perfection, to bring out the best tasting notes of each coffee. 

Almost all of our coffees are single origin. We have a few blends of single origin coffees that are roasted separately, and then combined. 

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