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White Lightening is the latest edition to Two Sisters coffee offerings. Lightly roasted  and freshly ground, this coffee is nutty, smooth and tea-like. This coffee is from the fabulous Fazenda coffee farm in Brazil. They are a registered Fair Trade Organic farm and dedicated to protecting the environment so they do not use any pesticides. They have gone further and are fully Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Caffeine lovers rejoyce! This coffee is the highest level of caffeine - up to 50% more caffeine than dark roasted coffee. Besides the elevated caffeine, white coffee is higher in antioxidents.

White coffee beans are very dense and cannot be ground in regular coffee grinders, so we grind it for you.

How to brew white Coffee. A simple pour-over is an easy and results in a smooth cuppa coffee. For an richer cup, pour the coffee over the grounds a second time for a more dense brew. 

Some people like to add a scoop of dark roasted coffee to the white coffee. So, mix it up and see what you like. 

Try it iced with a sprig for fresh mint for a refreshing twist on tea with a kick of caffeine!

White Lightening - White Roasted Coffee - Organic Brazil FTO/RFA

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